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Since its inception in 2009, Financepro has developed a good understanding of micro-credit services in the urban economy.


Over the years, Financepro evolved into a provider of loans and Invoice-discounting facilities to SME’s in addition to microloans.


If your SME business seeks short term funding, Financepro is well equipped to review and understand your requirement, and find a solution that works for you.

Our Vision

To Convert Business Finance into

Tangible and Affordable Growth.

Our Mission

To Make Credit Affordable and Accessible from the Smallest to the Largest sectors of our Economy.


Salary Loans and Advances
Available to salary earners in public and private sector organizations. Financepro pre-agrees a criteria with the employer organization. Employees can receive and advance payment of their salary from FInancepro at any time of the month they need it.

Market Vendor Instant Loans

Business Loans

Individual Loans


Fuel Credit FP logo_Pink white.png

FinancePro has developed customised loan product for the boda-boda sector, namely the ‘FUEL CREDIT’.

Refuel now and pay back at the end of the day!

Try our latest service, Fuel Credit!

Still have questions?

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Robert holds a BA (Hons) in Business Administration (Finance) from Makerere University Business School (MUBS). After 5 years of work in Construction Project Management he turned his attention to forming and growing Financepro, which he has done successfully for the past 10 years.



Chief Executive Officer

Mr. W. Kayongo MUTUMBA

Legal Counsel

Mr. Mutumba holds a LLB honors and LLM degree in International Comparative and Business Law UK, and is a member of Jusek (Swe) and International Solid Waste Management Association (ISWA).

He brings a wealth of International business experience, founded and managed a property service company in Sweden and carries 15 years’ experience as a director of a Swedish/British consulting and procurement company carrying out procurement internationally for Governments and international organizations.

Mr. Mutumba has provided extensive consulting services to Midroc Project Management (East Africa), and is currently the company’s representative in Uganda. Additionally, he has provided services to Saab AB, Ericsson International, the European Union, and is a published writer.



CFO / Investment Advisor

Philip holds a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Kent at Canterbury and an MSc in Finance and Investment from Brunel University. He has a total of ten years of banking experience with the Central Bank of Uganda (BOU) and Stanbic Bank (a subsidiary of Standard Bank Group) respectively.

Philip gained an insight into the workings of corporate finance in Uganda and the region. For the past 6 years Philip has been a successful financial consultant primarily in the Financial, Real Estate and Tourism sectors.


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