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How long does it take to disburse a loan to borrower?

In many cases appraisal of a loan application and disbursement is done in 24 hours. This is especially the case for small loans with portable security.

Who can benefit from Financepro?

Anyone with the capacity to make financial decisions for themselves.

Is FinancePro a registered company?

Yes we are registered and licensed to do all business in our portfolio.

What kind of security does Financepro accept?

Land titles, laptops, vehicles, home appliances etc. Financepro does consider structured loans i.e. using contracts as security. Structured loans are appraised on the basis of the risk profile of the borrowers counter party.


In the case of microloans we do take personal guarantees as security, and this is generally based on the ‘group lending’ principle where cross-guarantees apply to group members that are borrowing.

What kind of loans do you offer?

Our loans are primarily short term loans that do not exceed three months.

What happens should I fail to payback my loan?

Financepro as a policy ensures it exhausts all recovery measures outside liquidation of collateral security. In the event that such measures fail realisation of security is carried out in an ethical and legal manner under advice to the borrower. 

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